Wednesday, May 17, 2006


VIA Drudge, we have a link to in Florida, reporting Pat’s latest prophecy:

“Robertson: God Says Storms Will Lash U.S.”

The link won’t load on this atheist’s computer… Maybe it’s God’s will…

From the teaser:

“The Rev. Pat Robertson says God told him the U.S. will suffer bad storms this year and maybe a tsunami.”

I’ll have to assert: If there is a God, and if there’s a Tsunami, it’ll kill Robertson… And if there’s a benevolent God, it’ll get Anne Coulter, too…

Pat is old. He's low hanging fruit to go after. Kind of like nutwad Al Gore. And as one who loves easy hangers I'll probably jump in.
Hey, so there's this one old dude (I'm 65, so I can make accusations like that) who shoots his mouth off, and he's got this TV forum.

Can we kindalike ignore him?

Everybody else does. Yes, some poor old souls send him money, but to the rest of us it's painfully obvious that he lives by getting some poor old souls to send him money.

A ministry this is most definitely not: this is parasitism.

But: It doesn't matter that he's old: it matters that he's wrong.
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