Friday, June 23, 2006


I just got an e-mail –spam, I suppose I should call it:

“From: Casandra []

The newest Online CCasino. Go aand Play It

Good evening

  Online CCasino with 85+ games. Play It Now!

Yuh gat fuh blow yuh nose where yuh stump yuh toe.      A happy heart is better than a full purse.”


Is this a felony under Washington’s new internet gambling law? Is the Gaming Commission going to “protect” me by hunting “Casandra” down and jailing “her?”

And am I committing a felony by passing this on? If it’s a felony to pass this on, am I committing a felony if I pass it on to the Gaming Commission?

One last question… Is there a doubt in the world that Margarita Prentice is the stupidest thing to serve in a Senate anywhere since Caligula’s horse???

Yes Possum it *is* a felony and I'm making a citizens arrest. Put down your weapon and surrender. It's time you are locked up. And frankly, I'm relieved. Your approach of common sense commentary bugs me.
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