Saturday, June 24, 2006


Reuters reports on a little fun at the games:

“England, Germany fans clash in Stuttgart”

“Tens of thousands of English and German fans had gathered in the city's Schlossplatz, with many drinking all day, to watch Germany's 2-0 second-round victory and trouble broke out shortly afterwards. Both sets of fans traded punches before dozens of nervous-looking riot police moved into the area, pushing the German fans away and keeping the English supporters in one corner. A few hundred fans were involved.”

England and Germany… There’s a lesson here, and maybe a good model… I think England and Germany should, for the good of all mankind, to agree to have a little mini-war every decade or so, just to get it out of their systems. I don’t suppose they need to kill anyone, at least not intentionally, but they should all get roaring drunk, break a lot of stuff and beat each other senseless with big clubs…

Afterwards they need to all get roaring drunk again, kiss, and make nice…

Then maybe they will be able to behave for a while…

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