Sunday, July 23, 2006


Yahoo News relates the strange case of John Curtis Ridgeway, accused of assault:

“Jury acquits man of 'handshake' assaults”

“Ridgeway was seen pulling out a vial of liquid and rubbing his hands with the contents after a December jury trial in which he was found guilty of driving without insurance, authorities said… Ridgeway insisted on shaking hands with the prosecutor, the police officer who pulled him over and a bailiff, authorities said”

“The three got sick within an hour or so, according to testimony. Symptoms, which lasted about 24 hours, included nausea, headaches, numbness and tingling. Two of the three went to the hospital.

Ridgeway told The Associated Press after he was charged that the substance was olive oil. He testified that he used oil to anoint "corrupt buildings" and that it was meant to rid the buildings of demons.”

HMMM… Oil is purported to cast out demons… Oil touches a lawyer and two cops… All three get sick…

If I were religious, I might be drawing a conclusion from this…

But what I really want to know is where I can get some of this stuff… It sounds mighty handy. I bet if you sprayed it inside The Beltway, everybody would melt.

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