Saturday, July 29, 2006


The paramount neoconservative bottomfeeder “Drudges” a headline from the New York Times:

“Hillary Clinton, Mccain Held Vodka-Drinking Contest...”

Hmmm… By midnight he was witty and she beautiful…

Only on the DrudgeReport would a headline like that lead to a story like this:

“2008 May Test Clinton’s Bond With McCain”

A page full of political filler on a slow day…

But it invites a muse… Want to see the two Parties’ National Committees piss themselves to death? Put these two together on the same Independent ticket.

The dream – I mean nightmare – team…

They could arm wrestle for top billing first time out – then McCain could be President in 2016…  

"One of the guys" is a good way to describe Hil. Maybe why Bill is on the hunt so much. Too bad she buys into Soviet-style socialism.

I've been thinking about it and while these two are the 2008 frontrunners - I'm starting to think it will be two different people.

Despite the hype I don't think either will make it out of their respective primaries.
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