Saturday, July 08, 2006


Everybody’s favorite sonofabitch, Robert Novak, brings us four items in today’s dirtbag, two of which I find to be of particular interest:

“Rudy for president?”

I would find the lead item of little note - speculation about Giuliani’s presidential aspirations is cheap - except for this:

“Republican insiders respond to [Giuliani’s high standing in the polls] by saying rank-and-file GOP voters will abandon Giuliani once they realize his position on abortion, gay rights and gun control. Party strategists calculate that if he actually runs, he must change on at least one of these issues”…

So if he’s pro-gun he can be pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage?

Or anti-gun, anti-abortion, and pro-gay marriage?

Or anti-gay marriage, anti-gun, and pro-abortion?

I know… We read stuff like this all the time… But it just makes me want to go find neoconservative Republicans and slap the shit out of them…

If the neoconservative agenda rests on cornerstones like this, they ought to be slapping the shit out of themselves… If it doesn’t, they ought to be slapping the shit out of Republican triangulators who reduce them to such nonsense…

The second amendment is important in the abstract but is in no way threatened; the other two are strictly personal issues no government on any level should ever interfere with.

When will the right realize there are real issues out there?

Speaking of a real issue, the third item in the dirtbag is especially interesting.

“Wooing Hispanics”

In it’s entirety:

“Presidential adviser Karl Rove and Sen. Sam Brownback, two conservative Republicans who favor a guest-worker program for immigrants, will address the left-wing Hispanic advocacy group La Raza in Los Angeles this week.

La Raza was active in increasing participation in nationwide work stoppages and demonstrations April 10 after the House passed a tough border enforcement bill. La Raza in Spanish means "The Race."

Former President Bill Clinton heads the list of speakers for the annual meeting of La Raza's national council. The Rev. Jesse Jackson will appear on a panel.”

What do Karl Rove, Bill Clinton, Sam Brownback, and Jesse Jackson all have in common? They’re all sucking up to the Mexican Black Panthers…

For better or worse, the “old America” - the America of the melting pot, the America founded on a good idea - has been sold out to the globalist pirates for whom borders – and the standards that come with them – are an inconvenient impediment to profits…

If the anti-immigration crowd isn’t ready to use their second amendment rights yet, you have to wonder why…

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