Saturday, September 23, 2006


VIA My Way News this morning, AP is circulating a story from the French newspaper l'Est Republicain, which is reporting on the contents of a confidential document pilfered from somewhere in the upper circles of the French government.

The document claims Saudi secret services are convinced Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Bin Laden died in Pakistan of typhoid August 23, 2006:

“France Looks Into bin Laden Death Report”

Predictably, our people aren’t able to confirm anything about this report…

“U.S. can't confirm bin Laden death report: official”

Well, we’ve heard it all before… But I am intrigued by this juxtaposed against a bit of gossip from NewsMax published 9-21-06:

“Karl Rove Promises October Surprise”

Maybe the Shrub’s #1 rabid sonofabitch just lost his little surprise…

Dead of typhoid. What an all-around cruelly perfect Karma. Not with a bang but a whimper… Not dead in any great action – not in the Eagle’s belly, as he once prophesied – but dead to a disease virtually eradicated in the West he contended against…

I hope he is dead – and dead of disease. It’ll take a little of the wind out of the warmongers… On both sides…

I hope because I think it is time to move on. We have been living in Hannity’s “post 9-11 world” too long. Not forget, not forgive. But stop the National obsession. Stop picking the scab - and heal.

I think that in a collective sense America has been behaving like a mugging victim since 9-11-01. Defensive, even a little paranoid… Packing heat and a little too inclined to use it… Looking for someone – anyone – to use it on.


Oh, we were so smug. Muggings just didn’t happen to us – it didn’t happen in our neighborhoods. We were condescendingly sympathetic to the other mugging victims… Those poor dears… But the Ivory tower was safe – just one more attribute of American exceptionalism.

But just as we were never really safe, I don’t believe we are now in anywhere near as much danger as our leaders want us to think we are in. I think some among our leaders are way too willing to use fear to maintain their own positions and promote their agendas.

I think the one thing many of our leaders fear is that we will stop being afraid.

It’s time to do just that.

I’ve followed the grim speculations, the chatter spikes, the warnings… The successful and thwarted muggings of others in other places… The what if’s.

What if not? What does all this cost on so many levels?

I think Bin Laden and his people were the one non-governmental group that was sufficiently motivated, sufficiently skilled, and sufficiently funded to really pose a threat to this Nation – and I think they are a spent force. There isn’t going to be another 9-11.

But as long as we flinch every time some “Al-Qaeda spokesman” farts, there doesn’t have to be another 9-11, because the first one continues to pay them - and a lot of others - dividends.

So here’s hoping he’s dead, and dead so ignominiously – by his standards – that his own people are embarrassed to announce the passing of “the Mahdi.” Here’s hoping they find his crippled corpse buried anonymously in Pakistan.

And here’s hoping that becomes the last footnote to 9-11. The mugger is dead. The streets are as safe as they ever were.

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