Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Robert Jamieson over at the P-I has some somber reflections on a country gone bad:

“It's time to revisit the power of war protest”


He turns us on to an organization that wants to do just that:

“The World Can’t Wait!”


They are planning a “drive out the Bush regime” protest October 5th…

Watch it Bob… And remember your birth certificate… If you’re going to protest the Bush regime, you better be ready to prove you’re American: Otherwise you might end up in Guantanamo, held incommunicado as an “alien enemy illegal combatant”…

And you might end up there anyway…

Really, there is only one reasonable response for the Bush administration in this situation: Call out the guard!

Tin soldiers and Bush is coming… We’re finally on our own… This fall I hear the drumming…

After all, he’s fucked everything else up.

The Dow is at an all-time high, corresponding to the rape of the real US economy by fat cat globalists and their exportation of the family wage jobs of the middle class … Meanwhile, illegal aliens, flooding the labor markets, willing to work for nothing under any conditions, undo 100 years of American labor progress.

The war in Iraq is a quagmire with, we have recently discovered, Henry Kissinger calling the shots in the background – Now that’s a real Vietnam parallel… It’s making the phony war on terror less winnable by the day, creating enemies faster than they can be killed or placated – in the best judgment of the US intelligence community, that is.

We still don’t have an energy policy even as foreign competitors tie up more and more of the available world oil supplies, guaranteeing we will see the return of ultra-high prices soon. But we do have a shredded constitution, courtesy of the boy who would be King and the neoconservative cabal who pulls his puppet strings…

But the Republicans are too busy not noticing the homosexual predator in their midst to worry about any of that…

Yep, it’s heaped to overflowing – there is only one thing left. We need a few dead college students shot by guard members breaking up antiwar protests. Now that would ice the cake.

So come on, Liar-in-Chief Bush! Send in the troops! There still must be a few National Guard remaining Stateside. Maybe you can conscript some of the ‘Nam era vets – some of your Swift-boat character assassins, perhaps… They will know what to do with leftist college rabble.

Send ‘em in. You and the rest of the Republican misleaders are running out of stuff to fuck up, and you have an election to lose…

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