Thursday, October 26, 2006


Matt Drudge gets the hat tip for a link to a must read from the BBC:

“Travelling with the Taleban”

The by-line sums it well:

“The BBC's David Loyn has had exclusive access to Taleban forces mobilised against the British army in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan.”

Remarkable… Does he wave to Tommy as he drives by?

The article provides a few interesting insights into how the Taliban survive, move, and about the political forces and corruption that are helping to re-popularize them in the region.

But the sheer fact of his being there is the most singular of all.

You know, I hope the shrub is reading this story. There is a new strategy here he needs to consider. Fire all the CIA spooks and retire the special forces macho mutts… Bring their sorry, failing asses home…

Send in the reporters. In six months they’ll have the details every Taliban rat hole in Asia…

Assuming they don’t already…

Great idea! Uh oh, maybe I shouldn't agree, lately that seems to lead to name calling from you.

Anyway, this has been the strategy urged by many conservatives, most notably Rush Limbaugh, ever since Osama was interviewed by ABC's John Miller in 1998. Glad to have you on board! Welcome!

Interestingly bin Ladin called for attacks on all Americans and Jews, effectively declaring war on this country, in that interview. Two months later we had the embassy bombings in Africa. This was followed by the famous post 9/11 Clinton statement "we didn't know if we had enough to charge him" when asked why he didn't pursue bin Ladin.

So let me get this straight, we really cant wait to get back to the Democrats running things? Bush stupid Clinton smart? Hooo - K.
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