Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The LA Times brings us a relatively evenhanded reminder of what we may be in for after this next election:

“Madam Speaker? Pelosi likes the sound”,0,3020800,full.story

Your basic bio stuff, a few short anecdotes… Including this story on “plotting to foil Bush's plan to privatize Social Security”:

“Acting on advice from marketing gurus after the 2004 presidential election, Pelosi ordered her ranks to assail the Bush privatization plan while offering nothing of their own that the Republicans could counterassault. Week after week impatient Democrats asked, "When can we propose a plan?" and week after week she intoned, "Never."”

“kick him in the shins and give him nothing to attack”…

Sounds like down and dirty politics to me… She clearly has the biggest pair of balls in the Democratic caucus…

But it was the last line that really caught my eye – and reminded me of what I dislike most about Democratic control:

“"I think the fact that I am a woman will raise expectations in terms of more hope in government, and I will not disappoint," she says.

"The gavel of the speaker of the House is in the hands of special interests, and now it will be in the hands of America's children. I don't mean to imply my male colleagues will have any less integrity…. But I don't know that a man can say that as easily as a woman can."”

In the peanut butter and jelly coated hands of the children… Who may soon be reassured that they are protected, coddled, and ruled to the nth degree by the nanny state, with the Speaker, Nanny Pelosi, leading the way…

Vox Populi becomes pox populi… What a pass. On one hand we have a criminal, someone who helped gut the rules the House of Representatives for his parties benefit, ignored graft, corruption, and perversion in the ranks of his followers… Someone who has and likely will do anything, ethical or not, to preserve the power of his degenerate and degenerating cabal…

Or we can hide under Momma’s skirt…

Why is there never a good-sized asteroid handy when you need one?

Hmm - gut the rules, well, the majority party does get to set the rules so one would tend to assume they would change rules established by the party previously in power. A criminal? Really? What crime has Hastert (who is the only one to whom I can imagine you are referring) been convicted of? Ignored graft and corruption? gotta agree with you there. He totally jumped to the aid of Democrat congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) when Jeffersons office was raided by the FBI and $90k in cash was found in the freezer. Ignored perversion? What in the world? Oh wait a second, are you talking about the Democrats totally sitting on the Foley emails for months until it was closer to the election and thus more opportune to bring the matter up? Well, one thing is for sure, the Democrats will always do something for the kids, just so long as it is real close to an election. Hey, wait a second, didn't Gerry Studds just die? Oh, I forgot, that's different, he was a Democrat and actually had sex with a minor. Didn't all the Democrats praise him for being a really great guy? Oh well, scratch that point about the Democrats doing anything for the kids close to an election, except use them.
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