Saturday, November 11, 2006


VIA Drudge from Reuters:

“Students at Calif. College ban Pledge of Allegiance”

Only in a world where communication is dominated by Drudges and the internet could a purely local story such as this receive so much exposure… I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t get considerable attention, although the usual foot soldiers for the cause may still be a little too shellshocked to peek out of their holes…

They didn’t ban the pledge, BTW… They banned it at their meetings – or, more accurately, they eliminated it from their proceedings by parliamentary process.

They can’t ban it, of course, as Christine Zoldos proved by “loudly reciting the pledge in front of the board on Wednesday night in defiance of the rule.”

And she insists she will do it again! Damned anarchist…

Oh well, legislative bodies set their own rules, as our contrarian political science major protester should know… After what the Republican House did over the last several years, this is small potatoes – if these kids are looking for examples to follow, that is…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Regular readers probably know what I think of the Pledge – I think it is pure anti-American poison; 100% evil. I’m proud to say I have been a major pain in the ass on this subject at every opportunity presented since junior high school – except when I was a student government representative at my junior college.

Representatives represent… They don’t “lead”… Oh sure there is a mix; leaders get elected by people who want to go somewhere. But while 51% may be a victory, it isn’t a mandate to run roughshod over the other 49%.

This was, I think, a big part of the reason the Republican revolution has finally been put down. Real Americans, longsuffering though they habitually are, got tired of being bulldozed like a Gaza village.

Unless you are going to kill all the opposition, bulldozing doesn’t work. The survivors will get you.

So my advice to the kiddies: Climb off the bulldozer, sit down, and shut up. Your mouth won’t catch fire if you say the damned pledge. Ultimately, you will accomplish nothing if you begin by starting a riot – nothing except your own future defeat.

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