Saturday, November 11, 2006


AP reports VIA MyWay News:

“U.S. Vetoes Condemnation of Gaza Strikes”


I’ve always been an opponent of the arrogant, prima donna-ish way the Israelis have handled their “international affairs” – and I think as long as we support them, any retaliation that comes our way is earned.

But at least in the past you could count on the Zionists to be efficient and effective. But since their defeat in southern Lebanon earlier this year – damn right they lost – they aren’t even efficient and effective anymore.

This bunch of yahoos weren’t shooting at the enemy. They were just shooting – it’s freely admitted the nearest enemy position reports were for targets hundreds of yards away from where they shot.

And they called it a “technical error.”

They were just shooting – they killed 19 people, most of them well-placed, peaceful professionals.

Sorry… You’re doctors appointment has been cancelled. The doctor was blown to pieces by a random barrage of artillery fire from our “peaceful” neighbors.

So here’s another good reason to be glad the Democrats won control of Congress:

“US Democrats baulk at extending Bolton term”

“President Bush has re-submitted Mr Bolton's nomination to the Senate but Senior Democrats and even a key Republican have declared there's no way the envoy's term will be extended.”

Get that creep out of there. He is a disgrace to the human race and a danger to the Republic.

We’ll just have to hope the Senate makes sure the shrub doesn’t just replace him with another neocon sycophant bent on supporting foreign over American interests. Until he appoints someone with a neutral view, I'd say we can do without an ambassador…

camWait a second –Israel is not letting people attack and kill them so they are bad? We don’t support the idea of Israel being vaporized so we are bad?

Hey wait another second; shouldn’t some of those bad points be erased by us not doing anything in Rwanda? I mean we let those guys get away with genocide, just as Israel’s enemies have sworn to do. They announced it, just as Israel’s enemies have done. Does that mean we were good in Rwanda? The “let them kill you until they get tired because defending yourself only antagonizes them” strategy did in fact work there. The killers said “we intend to kill this entire tribe of people”, we sat back and watched. They did in fact get tired and stopped killing and it really was only a couple of weeks.
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