Sunday, November 19, 2006


This morning we have another spewing of evil from the sickest bastard in America. Bob Cesca over at Huffington Post links Crooks & Liars for some fine Sunday fare:

“Pat Robertson: All Others Worship “Demonic Powers””

In its entirety:

“A viewer wrote in to ask Pat Robertson a question

Why [do] evangelical Christians tell non-Christians that Jesus (God) is the only way to Heaven? Those who are Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, etc. already know and have a relationship with God. Why is this? It seems disrespectful.

Robertson replied that it is not all disrespectful because all other religions really just worship "demonic powers."

No. They don't have a relationship. There is the god of the Bible, who is Jehovah. When you see L-O-R-D in caps, that is the name. It's not Allah, it's not Brahma, it's not Shiva, it's not Vishnu, it's not Buddha. It is Jehovah God. They don't have a relationship with him. He is the God of all Gods. These others are mostly demonic powers. Sure they're demons. There are many demons in the world.”

Sick bastard.

This isn’t free speech, its hate speech and incitement. There are unfortunately billions of people who are religious, and he just hurled the worst possible insult at two-thirds of them. He should at the least be prosecuted and his broadcast licenses should be revoked.

And stuff your first amendment arguments, please. Freedom of speech was intended to protect political speech and was primarily intended to apply to speaking out for or against government. Likewise arguments of freedom of religion are misplaced. This isn’t a church; it’s a for-profit enterprise whose product is pseudo-religious hatred such as the above example. And like any product, it deserves to be regulated. Robertson has made millions with this. Allowing him to hide in the first amendment is despicable.

Discussing the fact he said it should be protected – he made it political by using the public airwaves. What he said should not be and neither should the speaker. If someone were incited to violence against him over comments like these, well, that’s fine by me. He asked for it.

Bring back dueling!

Tar and Feathers would be more appropriate
Well, in the words of Jehovah – Oy Veh, can’t you see the corner you are in here?

Do you not see the logical problem with your argument here given your past positions?

You feel Pat Robertsons words are incitement, that they are hateful etc. I actually agree with you to some extent. However, there is a problem of consistency here.

You have said numerous times that we deserve what we get from mid east terrorists because we support Israel. You have frankly excused an awful lot of far more hateful things uttered by Muslim leaders.

So let me get this straight, Pat Robertson is to be excoriated, even though there are no real examples of his words inciting anyone. On the other hand Muslim leaders are to be excused for every heinous word, which daily incites thousands to violence. And we are to blame for it all because we support Israel?

Might want to think about that one because it sure doesn’t add up on my abacus.

First off, I think Pat Robertson is a business. In fact, he's stayed clear of the traditional pulpit since he tried and failed to run for President.

As a business, he should be regulated. He should have to abide by truth in advertising laws. He has made an outrageous claim. He should either prove it or be fined.

Oh, and lest you miss a point here... I favor taxing all churches as the for-profit businesses they actually are.

Free speech... A Nazi couldn't get away with the kind of crap he gets away with... In America, that is... Neither could a Moslem. If you can't think of examples where that has been the case, I suggest you look around. Start with the Southern Poverty Law Center or the ADL.

At this point, I'll remind you most of those moslems you are bitching about are members of organizations that are banned or labelled terrorist in the US...

As for what others get away with in other countries, I judge each according to his place. Robertson claims to be an American. As such his remarks are far more heinous than any Arab comment from an Arab nation. I don't expect civilized behavior from barbarians. I won't accept barbarism from an American who has had the benefits of living and being educated in a secular Nation. He is a disgrace.

And as for the ongoing 60+ year shouting match between Arab and Israeli, that's mutual incitment and has been for so long there is no longer a right.

Finally, our support of Israel has resulted in genocide. When I say we have it coming, I'm not talking about verbal provocations...
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