Friday, November 03, 2006


This one is just too much…

“Offer of free flu shots halted at polling places”
“Mayor cancels program after critics slam it as a politically motivated ploy”

It speaks for itself…

“Mayor Bill White ordered a halt Wednesday to the city health department's privately funded drive to offer flu vaccinations at early voting sites in predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhoods, amid conservative criticism that the effort would boost Democratic turnout… White's decision followed two days of criticism from some conservative bloggers and talk radio shows hosts after officials announced the program Monday. At least 20 other municipalities have launched the same initiative in several states, city officials said.

Local Republicans, who had scheduled an afternoon news conference on the vaccination issue before the mayor's announcement, accused White of deliberately selecting early voting sites in Democratic strongholds in an attempt to gin up votes favorable to city propositions on Tuesday's ballot.

"I think the program was completely motivated by a plan to turn out Democratic voters," said Harris County Republican Chairman Jared Woodfill.”

The people who set the program up dispute the claims – and so do those the program targeted:

“City health director Stephen Williams said the program was motivated by public-health concerns and said anyone 50 or older was eligible for a shot — not just those who voted.

"The sole purpose of doing the 'vote and vaccinate' initiative is to actually go where the people were," Williams said.

Other voters at Sunnyside said they weren't even aware that vaccinations would be available when they voted.

Ida Gibson, 59, said "it's just ridiculous" for anyone to tie her vote to a shot. "It's not an incentive for me to come," she said.”

Filthy scumballs. This is beneath contempt. If there is a god, every one of these bastards will die of flu this winter – starting with Jared Woodfill.

But there isn’t of course… Which is why his kind survive and flourish…

You are kidding right? You seriously don't see anything wrong with this? Come on, there are no shortage of places to set up a free flu shot booth. Set it up down the road and hang a sign, but keep it out of the polling area. A more transparent attempt to influence voting has not come along since the poll tax.

Tell you what, since giving away free stuff at a polling place is perfectly fine with you, let's let the NRA set up a gun safety booth. I can see it now, "free NRA memberships for voting, learn how to keep your family safe". Surely no one would suggest that this is about affecting the outcome. Surely no one could possibly be against teaching gun safety when so many voters have kids and guns in the home?

Wait, did I hear someone say they were against the NRA giving gun safety programs at the polls? This is an all time low, who in their right mind could be for kids getting shot?
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